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Reviews for Family Chiropractic Center

I am very impressed with this team! Starting with the phone conversation with Dr. Mark prior to making the first appointment, to the information provided before coming in, to the assessment phase and the explanation of steps moving forward. And then, there are the results that I have experienced in a relatively short amount of time! I am excited to have found Family Chiropractic! I look forward to working through this initial phase of my treatment dealing with some chronic concerns and transitioning into a more maintenance-oriented phase!

Dr. Mark Sanders couldn’t have done a better job in meeting my first-visit hopes and expectations. After reviewing my health history and carefully examining me, he proposed a treatment plan that offers great promise of helping me regain lost functionality without surgery. I’ve never met a more effective healthcare professional. I understood everything he said, which is a first for me at a doctor’s office!

I have been going to Dr. Mark for the past year. I will admit that I was skeptical that I would receive relief for my chronic back pain, but am please to say that I am now pain free. Dr. Mark is extremely caring and gentle and takes the time to consider all aspects of a patient’s health history to determine the best treatment plan.

Excellent on every point! From first entering the office, it’s a pleasant experience. Fresh flowers, a wonderful staff who talks to you. Dr. Mark has helped me with knee pain, back pain and neck pain. All are doing extremely well. I recommend him to everyone I know!

I had been in the long time care of a chiropractor in my hometown for almost 35 years, so after moving to Austin a year and a half ago, I had been dreading trying to find someone that I could trust. Dr. Derik exceeded my expectations in just the first visit and I’m so happy and relieved to have found someone so capable and caring. He really spends the time getting to know what your body needs and I felt so much better after just one visit.

When I came to see Dr. Derik, I had a sharp pain in my left arm and it was very weak. Some people had suggested surgery but, my friend Deb said “No, call Dr. Derik”. I am sooooo glad that I did. Today, I am pain free and I see him regularly to remain that way! Dr. Derik ROCKS!

At 72 years old, having exhausted all my traditional physical therapy visits, but still having pain when sitting, I returned to the practitioner who helped me in my 30’s, Dr. Mark Sanders. After 2 ½ months of care, I have reduced my pain level from 2/10 to 0.5/10 and anticipate being pain free. Gentle, non-invasive adjustments in a healing environment, supports the natural healing process of the body.

Having been a regular patient of Family Chiropractic for well over 30 years, I can say that the benefits I have seen are too many to describe in a short space. Originally I came in with severe low back pain which was quickly resolved. I now continue to see Dr. Mark to prevent falling into a similar. My overall health and ease of movement are better now in spite of the many years that have passed.

Working with Dr. Sanders has been a Godsend to me. He’s directly and successfully addressed my acute issues and continues to maintain my health in a ‘spot on’ way. I strongly encourage all I know with neck, back and arm issues to seek out his highly capable medical support.

My husband and I have seen Dr. Mark Sanders for several years. He has helped me with everything from normal aches and pains of overuse to several times when I have had debilitating back spasms. During one of my worst episodes he even came in during the weekend in order to see me daily until my problem was solved. He is a miracle worker and truly cares about his patients. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

I did competitive gymnastics for ten years. My body has a lot of kinks and pain and I’ve been through several chiropractors. Dr. Mark has been able to help me and has not given up on my condition, which means a lot to me. The staff in the front office has helped me through changing insurance providers and is always bright, cheerful and professional. Appointments are a breeze to schedule. I love this office.

I’ve been coming to Dr. Mark Sanders for about 15 years now. He is an extremely caring and smart man that has gone out of his way to get me in for an adjustment when I’m struggling. They provide a very relaxing and professional office space. As long as I live in Austin, I wouldn’t consider another chiropractic office.

Continuous Improved Health

I have had the privilege of being a 10 year client of Dr. Derik Sanders. He has assisted with helping me overcome numerous conditions and I have had continuous improved health. His adjustments and guidance with nutrition, oils and emotional support have given me confidence during my health challenges. It is always easy to secure an appointment and his fees are reasonable. I would always recommend his services to my family and friends.

Balanced And Fit

I have been going to Dr. Derik for over 10 years. He keeps me young and pain free! The thorough care and attention that I receive from Dr. Derik has helped me both physically and mentally. Dr. Derik takes time with me. The quality of care I receive keeps me feeling balanced and fit.

Dr. Mark, otherwise known as “Dr. Magic”, has gotten me put back together on numerous occasions. He and his staff’s professionalism, knowledge and caring, is unrivaled.

I was referred to Dr. Sanders by a friend. I had tried several methods, including another chiropractor, but was still in pain. My pain disappeared after my 1st gentle but effective session. I love how Dr. Sanders is focused on healing the problem, not just treating the symptoms. I refer anyone I see in pain to him. Magical.

Family Chiropractic has become an integrated part of my weekly life. Being in a highly stressful job and very physically active, I rely on chiropractic. Dr. Mark and the office team are great to work with and have helped me with not only spinal issues but all my joints and muscles to keep me in top physical condition. Dr. Mark has a way of uncovering the strangest symptoms and helping recovery go much quicker. Would highly recommend!

Chiropractors are not the same. Trust me, I’m a researcher and after 20+ years with Family Chiropractic Center, I can tell you that they are the best in Austin. They listen to you, they hear your pain and they approach your treatment in a holistic and intelligent manner. They will partner with your P.T., O.T. or even your M.D. to figure out the best way to keep your body working for your lifestyle.

Family Chiropractic helps me tremendously! Although I have utilized chiropractic care/treatments since the early 1980’s, the care here promotes comprehensive wellness. The staff is friendly and helpful and the doctors are knowledgeable, caring and genuinely concerned about my health and well-being.

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