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Family Chiropractic Center Team

Leila McDonald

Family Chiropractic Center Chiropractic Assistant, LeilaLeila’s career as a Chiropractic Assistant began in Killeen, TX in 1983. She has continued in the Chiropractic field because of the many different conditions she has seen be relieved by chiropractic care. We are honored to have her as part of our team since 2012.

Leila is also a mother, with two grown sons who have received chiropractic care since shortly after they were born. Neither of them have ever had ear infections, colic or tonsil problems; and she attributes this to the healing support provided by chiropractic. Her younger son was born with spina bifida. With the help of chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy he has been able to live a more normal life and no longer uses his crutches.

When patients with children ask if chiropractic can help kids, or if it’s “okay” for children to get adjusted, she shares her own experiences with her kids. This increases their understanding of chiropractic and puts them at ease.

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